About Us

The founders of Sinov8.net have many years of experience in the residential letting industry. Like many great solutions RedRabbit was born out of frustration for the way maintenance was being managed. Sinov8.net set out to develop an industry-disrupting, cloud based property maintenance solution to solve the day to day challenges experienced by letting agencies and property management companies. Today RedRabbit offers much more than just maintenance tickets – the solution now includes integrated inspections as well as an excellent communication platform to support maintenance operations.

Our Mission

Delivering innovative and disruptive software solutions to the property industry

Maintenance and Inspections management is a core part of any property management operation. Innovative companies use technology and tools to optimize their day to day operations in order to gain a competitive advantage. RedRabbit’s trusted platform, tools and professional team makes it easy to demonstrate to your clients just how serious you are about excellent service delivery.

Our Values


We act with integrity, are honest with ourselves and our clients. We are transparent and share feedback freely.


We have appreciation and admiration for our clients and treat everyone with respect.


At Sinov8.net we dream big, work in silence, work hard and stay humble.


No one’s job here is just a job. Everyone is passionate about their role in the company and eager to contribute to growing the business and helping our customers succeed. We love what we do.


We have high expectations and expect the best from each other and our team. We constantly look to innovate and improve – enabling ourselves to keep raising the bar.