Let's be honest.

Rental Agents do not get nearly enough credit. Are they Super Human Beings or doomed to ultimate failure?

Rental Agents are probably the least appreciated individual’s in the Real Estate industry. They are taken for granted and are doing a job that very few people want to do.

Heroes Agents
Every Rental Business needs a Heart Beat, to avoid Chaos

If you map the activities on the timeline to your employees you might also gain some valuable insights on who might be under severe pressure during certain peak periods of the month.

Heartbeat Rental Timeline
Rethink your Value – Become a most Trusted Advisor to your Landlords

Convince landlords to trust you with their most valued asset, their Rental Property Portfolio.

Trusted Advisor Authority
Things to discuss with new landlords

To become a Landlord means adapting to a new role and many Landlords do not understand that there is a difference between being an owner and a Landlord.

Rent Adaptor
Why Expectations Management is a Key to a successful Rental Business

Why is it that Rental Businesses very seldom ask clients to rate their services when most other services businesses thrive on Client Feedback?

Feedback Expectations
Credit Checking vs Application Processing - Do you know the difference?

Application processing is one of the most crucial steps in the Rental Value chain. Let's have a look at the differences between that and simply doing a credit check.

Credit check
Being professional in the Rental Industry

The word professional is a loaded word and more often than not, users of the word have no clue what it means.

Professional Unprofessional
In pursuit of the Perfect Inspection

A good inspector needs to think and operate like a detective. In fact I think retired detectives will make excellent inspectors, that is if they were any good as detectives.

Best Practice - What does it even mean?

Business Owners are quick to point out that their way of doing things is Best Practice, but what does that even mean?

Best Practice
Impact of the drought conditions on landlords, tenants and lease responsibilities.

There is no clear answer to many queries regarding the drought – particular in relation to garden and swimming pool maintenance.

Drought Being fair

We'd love to show you how you can level up maintenance and inspections in your business