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Maintenance and Inspections composition

These leading estate agents use RedRabbit for their maintenance and inspections

Professional Property Inspections and Maintenance Management

Task orientated

View each maintenance call as a separate project. Making it easier to resolve issues quickly and efficiently without losing focus or getting overwhelmed.

Organized inspections

Mobile Inspections give you valuable insight and reusable data on each of your assets. Easily open maintenance tickets from inspections.

Effective Communication

Keep your landlord, tenant and contractor in the loop with quick email and SMS updates, customizable automated messages and more.

Easy to get started

Your property portfolio can be imported into RedRabbit and easily captured or updated. Or allow automated daily imports from PayProp to do the work for you.

Easy to use

Manage an inspection, log a maintenance call, update the landlord and task your contractor in a flash.

Easy to grow

Spend your time growing your rental portfolio instead of dealing with unresolved maintenance issues.

Maintenance management for leading South African real estate companies

RedRabbit provides you with the tools to easily organize and track each maintenance ticket from logged to completed.

RedRabbit is flexible enough to accommodate many different process flows and paradigms without compromising the need for subtly enforced steps that has to be followed to be successful in managing property maintenance.

Flexible maintenance ticket reporting
New maintenance ticket
Creating a new ticket is easy

RedRabbit helps you quickly capture the important information for a maintenance issue. Easily assign priority and even send out notification email and SMS messages directly from the new ticket.

With RedRabbit your data is structured to make sure that anyone on your team can see what has been done for each of the tickets. All your email and SMS messages are available on the ticket as well as all documentation and actions relating to the ticket.

Stay organized to answer the tough questions

With RedRabbit’s maintenance dashboard layout it is amaizingly easy
to see all the details related to a maintenance call in one view. We keep all the
important information together in a structured and traceable way.

Comprehensive Maintenance Ticket Dashboard

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The RedRabbit Approach to Inspections

Inspections smartly feed into maintenance, helping you take the proactive approach to maintenance.

Smart data without duplication

Our intelligent data model enables you to capture a defect once and reuse that data for follow on inspections, saving you hours. No need to re-capture the same issues again and again.


Suite of professional reports

We provide a number of professional report options so you can provide your client with the relevant information they need. Easily see only new defects, or a full list of all recorded defects for all previous inspections.


Easily action results

Open a new maintenance ticket in seconds directly from the inspection dashboard where your inspection was uploaded to.


Wherever you go

RedRabbit is a 100% cloud based system, you can login from anywhere to view and download previous inspection reports or related information.

Checklist Inspection Demo

Communication keeps customers happy

Do your clients know that their problems is getting the attention it demands?
Keep your landlord, tenant and contractor in the loop with quick email and SMS updates,
directly from the maintenance ticket.

Your clients will know that you are getting things done.


Clients want to know what is happening with their issue. If you followed up on something you need to inform the customer, otherwise they think nothing is happening.

RedRabbit makes these updates quick and easy, which saves you time and keeps irrational customers at bay.


Correspondence Trail

It’s important to know exactly what was said by whom and when, because customers tend to forget.

RedRabbit automatically stores all incoming and outgoing emails for a specific ticket in one convenient panel on the ticket Dashboard.


Proper closing

It’s very important to follow up with customers after a call was closed and to put the hypothetical ball back in their court, to avoid comebacks.

RedRabbit helps you do this automatically by sending a ticket closed email each time you mark a ticket as resolved.

World class tools at small business pricing

R699/month excl. VAT

  • 5 Users
  • Unlimited properties
  • Unlimited inspections
  • Unlimited maintenance tickets
  • Unlimited photos & storage
  • Free Customer Support
  • Free Online Training Course
  • Free SSL Encryption
  • R79 / month for each additional user

Your monthly license fee is collected via debit order. We charge R99 once off for setting up your PayProp daily data feed. Our pricing is per office (1 RedRabbit license = 1 office) and Excludes VAT, as we are not currently VAT registered.

+ R350 Once off registration fee

About Us

RedRabbit is a South African maintenance and inspection solution developed to help businesses in the real estate industry streamline their maintenance. Created and actively developed by innovators who have managed rental properties themselves. “We’re always looking for new ways to innovate, improve and help businesses succeed by providing the best possible software solutions while revolutionizing the Real Estate industry in South Africa.” Read more

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